Saturday, October 22, 2011

Summoning The Creatrix

The time is drawing near. Soon, the Eve in which the magic and mystery of secrets, the spirits, beginnings, and endings will be upon us. While Samhain is a holiday of remembrance and honoring those who have passed on, it also a time for celebration...for feasting, fun, games, tricks and yes...even a few treats! Come join the festivities; all are welcome.

Now before we start the actual celebration; you have to pass a little "initiation". Oh, don't's no biggie. It's just something all the new kids have to do...think of it as a way to show you believe in the magic of the season. That doesn't sound so scary, right? Right! Come on then; take my hand and I will lead you to your initiation destination!

I'm sure you're wondering what this is all about and where we are going. You should probably wear something warm as it gets quite chilly at night this late in the autumn season around here. Oh I know it isn't quite nighttime yet....but you'll spending a little while at your initiation site and nightfall will arrive before you know it. Let's start walking, shall we? That wind is starting to pick up a bit, do you feel it? I've brought along some blankets and other items in my tote bag, so don't worry. Isn't it fascinating how at dusk, your eyes can play tricks on you--especially when the wind blows and the near-bare branches of the trees cast such creepy shadows?! For instance, just now it looks almost as though there is a long, bony arm reaching out beside us and motioning with a decrepit pointy finger! How bizarre!

We're almost there now. Just ahead...see that barren land beyond the path at the end of the street? Why yes, that is in fact the cemetery. Didn't I mention we were going there? Oh, I didn't, did I? That's was supposed to be a surprise. Surprise! stop here. It's time for the initiation rite to begin. Yeah, I know...hanging around at night in a cemetery isn't really your gig, but trust me, this is tradition. And tradition is very important at the Creatrix Samhain Soiree. Help me spread the big fleecy blanket on the ground...right over there, in front of that tombstone.

Ok, now lie down upon the grave. Fold your arms across your chest just as though you were lying in a coffin. It's alright, there's nothing to be frightened about. What's that sound, you wonder? must be an owl! Yes, I'm sure that's what it is. I brought something that will help...let me rummage around in my tote bag...ah yes. Here we go. I'm going to place a candle right on top of the tombstone and you'll be able to see better. How's that? Better? See, *there* is the owl...he's just hanging out in the tree overhead. It's as though he's watching over us. That's a good omen. I assure you, it is!

All you have to do is lie quietly right where you are. This is the part of the initiation that might seem a little spooky, but as I said, it's tradition. You just need to remain silent and listen very carefully. What are you listening for? You'll know when you hear me. While you are listening, I am going to recite a little incantation...
When two or more are gathered on All Hallow's Eve,
A deed must be done for those who believe.
The dead have been silent for one whole year,
Now they must speak and the chosen one will hear.
Within the midnight hour you must walk with the dead,
Their graves of stone will mark their beds.
Carry a beacon to show you have come,
Call to them, "I am the chosen one."
Listen carefully for what you shall hear,
For it tells you your fortune for one full year.
Light one candle and leave it on a stone,
When the flame goes out, return to your home.
After the dead have spoken on All Hallows Eve,
They all shall visit your bed and your dreams.
Shhh....I hear something! Do you? I think the spirits are about to reveal your fortune for the next year! This is it...the moment we've been waiting for! What will the new year bring, I wonder?

The air really feels chilly now...oh wow! I have goosebumps all over my skin. The ghost woman hovering over us looks as though she's ready to speak now. So let's pay close attention to what she has to say.

"Do not fear, mere mortals be...
I've come to share good news, you see.
The year ahead will bring joy and mirth,
You will revel in the joys of the earth.
Nature's inspirations shall help you to see
The world around you offers so much beauty.
And when the days seem dark and stale,
Remember this night, this moment, if you will.
For you have all you need inside of yourself;
your gifts and the stories you have to tell--
can always be summoned and used to invigorate
and give you a myriad of reasons to...

Such good news! There was really nothing to be afraid of...but sometimes we need to be startled a little in order to remember that there is much that we hold back from expressing on our Creatrix Journey. So as this Witches New Year approaches, I thought it would be a good time to remind us all that we need to think about what it is we wish to do with our creative prowess. We all have the ability to create, transform and inspire. But we also have a tendency to make excuses, and refrain from fully exploring our creative potential.

And now, for those of us who were a little spooked by the ritual, let's take a moment to calm our nerves...I brought something that might help.

Ok, so maybe libations aren't everyone's thing. Either way, I invite you to have a yummy beverage of your choice, think about your creative process and the things that sometimes scare you about it. What are you most frightened to express? What ways might you be able to deal with those fears and demons that can inhibit the creative process?

And when you're ready to join in the reveling and get into the spirit of the season, come on over to Vanessa's Fanciful Twist 2011 Halloween will surely find inspiration there! Be sure to scroll through the comments underneath her party post so you can stop by all of the other parties being held by the Creatrices who are taking part in the celebration!

{Samhain ritual components and incantation via: The Wiccan Book of Rites and Rituals, by Sister Moon}


  1. What a fabulous and insightful posting! Really enjoyed my visit!

  2. I just LOVE that illustration of the sunsetting in the creepy cool town. So fun discovering new art and fellow bloggers. Happy Halloween :)

  3. Oh, thank you for staying by my side during my initiation! It was spooky, but well worth it! Oh, and the music is awesome, too!

    Thank you for stopping by my party and staying for some storytelling. =)

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend ~ Blessings to you!

  4. oooh a fab spooky initiation story :) thankyou for visiting my party earlier :)

  5. I love your pictures! Thank you for stopping by my party and leaving such a kind comment. Next year, we will venture into the forest to see what spooky delights await us! Hope to see you at Vanessa's party then too :)

  6. I enjoyed my spooky initiation, very much looking forward to a year of joy and mirth. :-)

  7. Thanks for coming by and your kind comments! Halloween is fun. Love that Vodka ad. I always loved it when Ron said "Wicked," in Harry Potter.

  8. I don't know if I could've actually laid upon the grave...hehe! Curiousity would get the best of me, though, I'd want to hear what the spirits had to say!

    A wonderful tale....thanks for having me over for a spell...heehee!

  9. Thanks for sharing this with us and for our initiation! :)

    Happy Halloween!!


  10. I thought I might be scared to death, laying on a grave in that initiation. But you are right, scaring us a little into reawakening the creative journey is goooooood!!

    Now hand over the strong stuff ;)

    Maybe just a tiny sip.


    Youa re so much fun!! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful tale and images!!

    ♥ Vanessa {A Fanciful Twist}

  11. ooh! So very very scary!!!! But wouldn't it be lovely to walk down the street of that little town in your picture? Who knows what may lurk in the shadows...bbhhhhhaaaaahhhaaa!!

    Thanks for the Halloween fun.
    xoxo Cori

  12. Fabulous - thanks for the image, what a scary yet fabulous story! - wonderful! DO visit our graveyard too and add to our memory wall!

    Enchanting Tale.

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    Hauntingly Yours, Lyndy >^..^<

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  14. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your kind comments!

    Oh! What a delightful post, although I have to admit I'm a bit shaky! That owl really 'spooked' me! LOL!

    Thank you for sharing your insights and for the inspiration they provided!

    Happy Samhain!

    Blessed Be,
    I Heart the Goddess

  15. What a neat idea for a post! I'm glad to be initiated :) The poem/incantations were really cool - spooky!

    Thank you for visiting my carving party and for your *very* kind words! Glad you stopped by and enjoyed the party!

    Happy Halloween!

  16. Thanks for visiting my party! Happy Halloween! :)

  17. Wow - this was such a great post! You put so much thought into this. Very spooky! :) Thank you so very much for stopping by my party - glad you enjoyed it! :)

  18. What a wonderul post! Delightful little witchy at the end, hee hee, she looks a bit like me when I was younger!

    Happy Halloween!

  19. This is such a well developed post. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and pictures - and drink at the end...
    Hope you can stop by my enchanted oven for party sweets.

  20. What a great post, I don't know how I missed it on the first fly-by! Sincerest apologies for my delay in thanking you kindly for dropping by my Halloween Party post! The skeletons have had dreadful tummy aches & that darn broom flew off on its own again :o)

  21. How wonderful, thank you for sharing this tradition with us :) happy Halloween!