Saturday, December 10, 2016

Revive to Survive

It's time to revive this thing.

And by "this thing", I mean my quest to embody and embrace the Inner Creatrix that I've allowed to remain dormant for far too long. The past few years have been filled with changes galore, both personally and professionally. I've made some choices that while may have seemed to be the right ones at the onset, have undeniably led me right back to square one.  Now, I could be pessimistic and beat myself up for finding myself back at the beginning, but truth is, I find beginnings to be inspiring. Especially when my beginnings bring me to the place where instinctively I know I belong. There's got to be validation in that.

For example, I currently work in corporate health care as my day job. My job is extremely stressful and on a good day, I feel as though I was able to help a few people in spite of the broken system in which I operate.  But most days, it feels like something is missing.  Most days, I question whether the stress and negativity I encounter for a paycheck is actually worth it.  Beyond that, I've been having to ask myself a lot lately if the themes I value are being represented in the work I do. Time and time again, I have felt the pull toward endeavors that celebrate creativity, inspiration and a spirit of sharing. I know my why.  Its just taken me a while to piece together the how and the what.

Has that ever happened to you? Have you ever been struggling on your path and find yourself longing to revisit familiar  themes of purpose and personal meaningfulness over and over again? Are you feeling a little lost and can't quite figure out how to fit those meaningful themes into your life? Let's be honest; we have to be practical. In an ideal world, we would have meaningfulness, love what we do and be compensated for what we do. But it doesn't happen automatically, that's for sure. And for a lot of folks, despite their best intentions, it just never happens at all.

I'm embarking on an experiment of sorts.  Its time to see if I can fit the meaning back into my life...the meaning which makes my soul sing:

Creativity. Collaboration. Celebration. My three C's.  My values.  The themes I want to embody and be the driving force in all I do and how I frame the rest of my days.

As I wrote at the top, its time for a revival.  Life is too short to stay stagnant.


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