Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Extravaganza

I want to extend heartfelt thanks to all those who have been visiting from Vanessa's Halloween Blog Party. I appreciate the kind comments and am so loving discovering all of your blogs as well! I am astounded at the diverse, unique and extraordinary creations I'm all simply knock my striped witchy socks off! In fact, I am so impressed with what I've seen at all of your fun, festive blog parties that I created a special Pinterest board to highlight the amazing things I've come across though Fanciful Twist blog hop. Come stop by to get a glimpse at all the Halloween happenings!

If I was able to grab the blog link left behind at Vanessa's original part post, I pulled a favorite photo or image from the participants blog. Below is a tiny taste of the Pinterest Fanciful Twist Party Board I've created...but it really doesn't do justice to the immense, incredible Halloween blog extravaganza that took place. So many amazing things to see...from handcrafted give-away items, to whimsical holiday creations; delicious and diabolical art to scrumptious feasts; haunting, silly stories to spooky, funky Halloween decor. Visit the board and follow will find inspiration and an abundance of Halloween gloriousness!

Special thanks are in order for Vanessa for putting the blog party together...that woman is beyond magical! She personifies Creatrix to the nth degree! Vanessa, you are an inspiration more than you can ever know.



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