Thursday, October 6, 2011

Creatrix Of The Moment: Louise, Jewellery Deisgner, Entreprenuer

Today I am so pleased to share with you the story of a very talented jewellery designer whose clever creations are sure to catch your eye.

Meet Louise of Aurora Wire Jewellery!

A resident across the pond, Louise has been an artisan for much of her young life. Her designs include handmade accessories and gifts for all sorts of occasions. Her sleek, silver necklaces are both trendy and classic and most certainly appeal to fashionistas who seek to make a statement with their choice of accessory. Read on to get a peek at the life and times of this stylish, cheerful, up and coming entrepreneur!

How did you get started in jewellery design? What drew you to this particular medium?

"I've been designing and making jewellery as a hobby since about the age of 10, but I started making it seriously when I was 15. I bought some jewellery making wire from a craft shop and grabbed a pair of pliers and started making rings and taught myself through trial and error. I was inspired to do this after buying a wire wrapped ring from Camden market in London and thinking I could have made it myself! However, what I really wanted to do was make proper solid silver jewellery - so I did some research on the internet and found a new medium of making silver jewellery called precious metal clay, or PMC. I watched in awe as I saw tutorials on youtube showing what seemed like modelling clay turn into pure silver as it was fired! I knew straight away that I wanted to do this, so using some of my savings and money from my 16th birthday, I invested in a lump of silver clay and some other bits of equipment to get me going... and that's really the story so far!"

Have you lived in the UK all of your life? Tell us a bit about where you are from.

"Yes, I've lived in the UK all my life. I'm from a seaside town in England called Weston-super-Mare. Although, my ultimate dream is to move to London. I spend a lot of time up there with my cousins who live there, and the buzz is always just so exciting - it's a great place to get inspiration."

Your pieces are beautifully crafted with did you come to love working with this material?

"I've always loved silver jewellery over gold or copper, and I particularly love the way it goes with any outfit because it's such a neutral colour. I came to love working with silver after investing in some metal clay and (thankfully!) loving the versatility it - it's almost like working with liquid silver but without any heat!"

What is your work space/studio like? Where do you do most of your creating?

"I don't as of yet have a proper studio, but I have a large desk in my room where each and every piece of my jewellery has been made."

Are you in school? If so, what do you enjoy studying?

"I've recently left school to focus on being a jewellery designer full time! But when I was at school my favourite subjects were photography, textiles and art."

On your blog, I notice you promote reading. What are some of your favorite books or types of books to read?

"I've been so busy lately that I haven't been able to properly get into a book, but my favourite types are probably fantasy books that take you away from reality for a little while. I find them really therapeutic! My other favourite books are really old jewellery books with everything from Victorian jewellery to ancient Egyption jewellery!"

What influences your designs for jewellery pieces? How did you decide to come up with the "Alphabet Necklaces" line?

"The main thing that influences my designs is when I think of a piece of jewellery in my head that I would like, then look for it and can't find what I want anywhere - or I can find it, but the price is way out of my price range! For example, with the Alphabet necklaces, there's quite a few similar ones around but the ones within my price range were made from base metal which really irritates my skin, so I just thought I'll do it myself! So to sum it up, most of my jewellery is inspired by jewellery that I (or one of my friends/family) want, but can't find!"

What are three things (craft/jewellery themed or otherwise) that are inspiring you right now?

"One thing that is inspiring me now is the sudden change in the weather here in England. It's suddenly got really cold and it's getting darker quicker, so a lot of my designs in the coming months will be winter-themed. Another thing that always inspires me is old jewellery books. I'm going to start expanding my jewellery range soon and trying out new things inspired by all the elaborate earrings, brooches, cuffs etc. that the ancient Egyptions wore! Lastly, my friends and family. I'm constantly getting suggestions from them! "

If you could spend an all-expenses paid week vacationing anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

"I would probably go to the opposite end of the world - or just anywhere that I could find that is the biggest contrast to England! I'd love to see somewhere like Australia, or even Africa!"

What has been the most difficult lesson you've learned as an entrepreneur so far?

"The most difficult lesson has been learning that everything takes time. You can't just expect to put your products online and think that people will find them and buy them straight away - you have to find ways of getting people to notice you! And when, like me, you don't have money for expensive ads etc., you have to be inventive and find ways round it - that's how my blog started!"

What is one thing you were surprised to learn about yourself?

"Looking back I would say I was most surprised that I've actually stuck with it! I usually start things and have big ideas but they all slowly fade out, but I've learnt that I really do have a passion for jewellery and I'm thinking about it all day, everyday! "

What advice would you give to an aspiring jewellery designer?

"My advice would be don't give up!! It might feel like everything is taking a lifetime to get going, but when you find the medium that you love everything will start falling into place. And just practise whenever you get the chance. I've never been to a jewellery workshop or course - so it's no excuse! Just get stuck in and learn from your mistakes."

Many heartfelt thanks to Louise for taking the time to participate in this interview! Be sure to visit her blog, Aurora, to keep up to date with her creative endeavors. In addition to her esty shop, Aurora Wire Jewellery, Louise's work is also available for purchase through Rockettt St. George, a UK online store.


  1. Great interview. Very inspiring. Her work is gorgeous. I have a girlfriend who went to university for metalsmithing/jewelry design and when she talks about it it seems SO hard! Very impressive that this woman is self-taught. She has some really beautiful pieces. Thanks for sharing this!

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