Wednesday, December 28, 2016

January Content Marketing Idea: Soup Month

National Soup Month

Spotlight on: culinary artists, food/edibles sellers and shops, restaurateurs, housewares/kitchen oriented product sellers

Content to highlight: Feature a soup of the week series on your blog or in your newsletter. Write blog posts about soup etiquette, Write a piece discussing or reviewing soups famous in your region or state or even from around the world.

Socialize: Post pictures of your soup creations on your Facebook, Pinterest page and/or Instagram. Pick a soup brand (such as Campbell's or Progresso) and ask your followers to share their favorites on your Facebook page or Twitter; be sure to tag or include @ the brand name in the post to draw their attention. Participate in cooking forums or groups and get members talking about soup-making tips and secrets, or to share their favorite soup recipes Or, you could do this on your Facebook business page and offer a give-away such as a free soup mix sample for the best tip comment.  If you decide to run such a contest, be sure to first review Facebook contest guidelines and check out Shortstack's best practices for running FB contests too.

Extra touches: For every soup bowl or soup mug sale, send a free soup mix sample. Give away potholders or a soup ladle with every soup mix purchase over a certain dollar amount.

For reference: learn about the history of soup.


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